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The Elephant

We like the outdoors! Regardless of whether it is the menace of city streets, the perils of mountain paths or the challenges of the bush, we like to be prepared and equipped as best as possible for the environment in which we operate.
For humans, that means to carefully select and train with gear that is tough, easy-to-use, fit-for-duty and smart.

We found an animal that has all these features and yet does not need a fancy rig to cope with the rigors and dangers of a life in the great outdoors! So we became partners…with Nam Ooy, an elephant…!

Since Nam Ooy was kind enough to inspire the SAGA Tactical logo with her good looks, we returned the favor by taking on the sponsorship of her daily life, food, care and accommodation at The Mahout Project camp in Thailand.

Nam Ooy can teach us a thing or two about survival, but not only that… She’s an ace quality control manager and regularly takes a set of SAGA Tactical gear on an environmental torture test through her patch of jungle. Unconventional… but rather efficient! And not too bad for a salary of elephant chow and lodging…